How To Please A Man

Intimacy is part of a long-lasting relationship. Every couple should have a deeper understanding of the sexual desires of each other. There are many instances that a relationship ended due to lack of sexual drive. Men are often longing for another partner because his sexual needs are not satisfied by his current partner. This problem is very common to relationships as men have the higher craving for a satisfaction in bed. This could not be a serious problem if you know how to please your man and play with his body.

10 Body Parts That Pleases Your Man

  1. Nipple

This part of a man’s body is one of the top erogenous zones that are most likely to touch before you get into sex. Gently lick the areola from the outer to the inner part like you are licking an ice cream. Once you reached the nipple, gently bite it.

  1. V-line

This is located on his pelvis, the V-shape from the hips to the penis. Gently kiss the V-shape down to the part before his penis as it stimulates an erection.

  1. Spot between Lower Lip and Chin

This part is surprisingly very sensitive and gives your man an arousal. Gently kiss your man’s lower lip and suck it while your tongue is licking the spot between his lower lip and chin.

  1. Neck

Gently caress his neck, from back to front with kisses. Once you reach Adam’s apple, be careful and lick it like an ice cream.

  1. Penis

This is probably the most important part of his sexual arousal. However, you have to do it right and hit the correct spots. The head and the slit on it is the most pleasing part you need to pay attention with. Gently rub the head of the penis with your wet lips and lick the slit, then gently give him a blowjob. Most women don’t like this, but this is where the men’ weakness lay.

  1. Earlobes

This part is quite tricky, you have to gently kiss his earlobes and try not to touch any other parts of the body. It will bring an unexpected arousal to him.

  1. Balls

Never forget the balls, massaging his balls will give him a different kind of relaxation. Also, gently touch the part between his balls and anus for a more pleasing result.

  1. Feet

This part is ticklish and it seems impossible to give him a sexual drive by touching his feet. On the other hand, it is one of the top secret parts where your man can turn to your head over heels.

  1. Lower Back

Gently rub his lower back with your fingers to the upper part of his bottom like you are lightly giving him a massage. Repeat this for a few times and it will arouse his spirit.

  1. Thigh

Passionately touch his thigh from the lower part to upper and from back to front. Put pressure when you are reaching near the penis part.

You should be able to recognize your man’s needs and fill his desires with satisfaction. Keep on exploring your man’s body and find what part of his body will trigger most for sexual arousal. You are lucky if he will fall into it and you will benefit for a better relationship.


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