Is There Too Much Sex On TV?

Almost one-third of UK TV viewers strongly believe that most of the sexually explicit material should be permanently banned on air. Not only that, roughly three out of ten insists that there’s too much sex on TV screens.

All thanks to the emergence of provoking scripted series on cable and streaming, more nudity and sex on television exist than ever before. This issue was once a forbidden thing and these days part of the course. However, what do all these obscenities mean for television art itself? Does it really improve the stories being portrayed on screen? Or does that mean that our society gets more lenient when it comes to nudity on TV?

Sex Scenes – Are They Worthy or Just Employed As A Cheap Trick?

Ever since Game of Thrones launched on screens last 2011, plenty of wringing of hands which concerns full blast nudity and sex scenes of the show. Myles and McNutt, US critic and blogger popularly created the term known as ‘sex position’ because of this show. Michael Hann from The Guardian described the term as ‘an art of explaining all that tedious plot that is against today’s background of no-holds-barred nudity.’

It can’t be denied that the critics were not wrong pointing out the practice – which is no longer new. If anyone could still remember, The Sopranos has been loaded also with strip club scenes. However, excluding the well-known discussion of the sexual violence in the show, only less has been created of all of the show’s other bloody barbarism varieties. Do you think the entire society is more insulted through casual coitus as well as full frontal sexism due to its gratuitous and exploitative?

Nevertheless, George R R Martin, the creator of Game of Thrones explained his take of significant irony – that everyone must be more concerned regarding the violence in the said show than nudity and sex. He further added he’s always astonished that there is always more controversy when it comes to sex than violence itself.

On the other hand, US Premium TV serves as the place for nudity and sex to romp. However, it is the global dominance of the Hollywood movie system which keeps on encouraging a puritan attitude in terms of movies, bounded by the famous Motion Picture Association of America (otherwise known as MPAA rating system). As a matter of fact, MPAA has records of providing stricter restrictions to different films which contain obscene scenes.

Whether sex scenes are worth placing into films or not, it always depends on how it’s done. Authorities and different institutions are working hand-in-hand to screen these movies so it will be basically up to the viewers if they’ll accept it or not.

And besides, admit or not, sex scenes are way better than watching a movie full of dripping blood, violent cannibalism and the like.


Going back to the question, is there too much sex on TV? Not at all.But let’s expect that they won’t watching less of it these coming years.


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